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Madame Mo

Classic Red Koinobori by Madame Mo

Classic Red Koinobori by Madame Mo

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An ideal gift for kids & adults, the Koinobori is inspired by Japan and Japanese culture. Whether used as wall decor or outdoor decor it makes the perfect ornament and Christmas gift!

With its shimmering red color, this koinobori will brighten up your interiors, exteriors, and your heart! The Classy Red koinobori is a great dose of energy that will accompany you every day. How do you say red in Japanese? Aka, which is written in kanji 赤 ('great fire'). This color has different meanings in Japan, it symbolizes clarity (in ideas) and also motherhood.

On May 5, Children's Day in Japan, children are given koinobori as a lucky charm. As many koinobori are given as there are members of the family. Well, you should know that very often a red koinobori, symbolizing the mother, comes to decorate the living room wall. It is a must have!

• Ships from France. Made in India

• Dimensions: 31″ x 10″ (78.7 x 25.4 cm)

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