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Coco Village

Coco Village Easter Egg Hunt Set & Accessories

Coco Village Easter Egg Hunt Set & Accessories

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For Easter this year, have some quality time with your loved ones. Share and create memories at the corner of the family table (finally!) with this Easter themed set.

Wearing his Bunny Ears, your little one will thrive carrying around his reusable natural cotton canvas bag during the Easter hunt and hiding little treasures inside his Set of 6 Fillable Wooden Eggs. And hop! After putting everything in its little Rattan Picnic Basket, why not offer a treat to family and friends? A real turnkey Easter experience that will keep your little one entertained all day long!


  • 1 Bunny Ears

  • 6 Fillable Wooden Eggs

  • 1 Lined Rattan Picnic Basket 

DIMENSIONS: Basket length : 12.5" (32cm) Basket width : 9.8" (25cm) Basket height : 12.9" (33cm)

Suitable for kids 2 years and up

Exclusive design 100% wood hollow eggs

ASSEMBLY & CARE: Wipe clean with mild soap and water.

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