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Cotton Twist

Cotton Twist Make Your Own Easter Garden

Cotton Twist Make Your Own Easter Garden

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Create your own tin-sized colourful Spring haven with our DIY Easter Gardens. Featuring a sunflower, a bunny, an egg, a chick, a tulip, a butterfly and a signpost, there is plenty on offer here for children three years & above.

Instill bright pops of colour to your props using our watercolour pencils and assemble your garden of Easter dreams. Add soil to the tin, secure everything into position, and sprinkle the wheatgrass seeds. Don’t forget to keep your garden hydrated by giving it a healthy dose of water each day.

The Easter bunny certainly won’t be short of hiding spots this year with this aesthetic addition to your living space.

Materials: tin, 177 x 73 x 22, watercolor pencils, pencil sharpener, wooden paintbrush, laser cut ply wood shapes, wheatgrass seeds

  • Made in the UK

  • For ages 3 and up

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