MIN’NA [pronounced; MEEN-NAH] means “All of you or Everyone” in Japanese. 


a photo of two siblings sitting on a couch. The sister has Down syndrome and is sitting on the left and the brother is leaning on her shoulder sitting on the right

 photo by Naomi PQ


Hello Community

Welcome! My name is Elena, owner and creator of this tiny but mighty shop. I am also a mother of two, wife, and Down syndrome/disability advocate. 

Min’na was born from a desire to meet a need that I felt was missing in my community. I wanted to provide a thoughtfully curated shop that catered to children (ages 3-10 years old) for families who value stylish, high-quality and ethically made clothing and toys for their children to enjoy, but also could be passed down to be enjoyed by others for years to come. As a mother of mixed-race children, and to a child with a disability it was also very important to me to provide products that represented them and their needs, as well as reflected the world in which we live in today. This includes books with diverse representation, products for sensory needs, toys and activities that can be enjoyed by both typically developing children and those with disabilities. 

Our ethos is based in sustainability, quality, and inclusion.

Shopping small and supporting small businesses is so important and vital in keeping our local economies alive and thriving! I truly believe there is no community without the existence of small businesses! I value my local makers, artisans and small businesses near and far. And to be able to be apart of the incredible small business community at home, here in the Bay Area is such a privilege. And it feels incredibly special for me and my family. Catering to the public, meeting a need for families, friends, and neighbors connects you and roots you in community. 

My hope is Min'na will become your favorite local destination for the children in your life.

With immense gratitude,



photo by Jenna Rae 




At Min'na we strive to be as inclusive as possible and carry products that represent diverse ethnicities, families, cultural backgrounds, identities and needs. And because community care and support is absolutely necessary for children, every year we will donate a percentage of sales to a non-profit organization or charity of our choice that has continually provided care and services to children and families. Especially those that support and spread awareness around Down syndrome, disabilities and BIPOC communities.

Here are a few of the organizations we have supported/ or continue to support:

AAPI Women Lead

Asian Americans for Civil Rights and Equality

Creative Growth

Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area

East Oakland Youth Development Center


Global Down Syndrome Foundation

Hearts of Joy International

Japanese Americans for Justice

Moms Demand Action

National Down Syndrome Society

Planned Parenthood

Ruby's Rainbow

Sama Sama Cooperative

Sandal Gap Studio

The Sogorea Te' Land Trust

West Oakland Mural & Mini Museum 

Wild Child



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