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Olivia Tokunbo

Inward Guided Journal -Travel Paperback by Olivia Tokunbo

Inward Guided Journal -Travel Paperback by Olivia Tokunbo

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A thoughtful and intentional journal that was created to help you reflect and look inward.

This Travel Sized Guided Journal for your on the go needs. Easily tucked into a cross body, small bag, or a carry-on— Inward's moving with you.

Inward is an intentionally crafted journal designed to guide your journaling practice. In a world led by screens and trends, this journal invites you to pause, reflect, and release on the pages.

This guided journal was created for everybody, however you identify. No matter where you are along your journey, Inward holds space for you.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • journal prompts

  • gratitude practices

  • free space

  • self-care check-ins

  • affirmations, and more! 

With over 111 pages of pure intention in these pages, you are safe to dive deep and face yourself— the good, the bad, and the scary. You are supported in community as you do so.

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