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Jellystone Designs

Jellystone Designs DIY Calm Down Bottle Refill (Assorted)

Jellystone Designs DIY Calm Down Bottle Refill (Assorted)

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Jellystone Designs is an innovative industry leader with a strong commitment to enhance the way babies and children learn through sensory exploration and play. They put this commitment into practice with a range of silicone teethers, sensory toys and pendants, creating functional, safe, and fun toys. As Australia’s original and favorite silicone chew designer, Jellystone Designs creates teethers, toys, and pendants for children who are using all their senses to explore and make sense of our incredible world. Their 100% silicone, chewable products are designed to safely support their exploration and learning: supporting them and calming them when it may seem all too big and overwhelming.

Refill and reuse your DIY Calm Down Bottle with these unique refill packs. Each with a different theme, these refill packs come with glitter and crafts for your little one to create your very own sensory bottle.

**Note: Assorted colors can not be specified**

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