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Koa Koa

Koa Koa Build Animal Vision Glasses

Koa Koa Build Animal Vision Glasses

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These educational DIY kits let kids discover science, art and mechanics by making their own toys. Koa Koa believes that learning and playing go hand in hand and have created a range enabling children to make fun and original objects whilst discovering the simple concepts of mechanics. Each kit is an invitation to unravel the mystery of construction and how things work, resulting in a practical object they can really use. With Koa Koa kits, children aged 6-10 will reconnect with the physical world, stimulating imagination, invention and problem-solving, boosting STEAM skills and creativity. 

  • After having assembled the glasses and the box that goes with them, you will be able to place a set of optical lenses and mirrors. 4 simulated visions!

  • Simulated visions include Insects (kaleidoscopic), upward vision (animals with eyes above their heads like a ray), downward vision (to have the impression of towering over everything, like an eagle) and side vision (of the 2 sides at a time, like fish)

  • You will learn the role of the brain in vision, the different visual fields and the link between vision and our place in the food chain!

  • 15.75 x 7.87 x 1.97 inches

  • Ages 8+

  • Made in France
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