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Koa Koa

Koa Koa Glow in the Dark Constellations Poster

Koa Koa Glow in the Dark Constellations Poster

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Koa Koa's excellent DIY kits are all about making, learning and playing. Connect the dots on this A2 poster with the white marker and stick on the 160 glow-in-the-dark stickers to make the 12 zodiac constellations. This poster looks super on a bedroom wall, and even better at nighttime of course when the stars will glow! The included pamphlet teaches kids about which animal is hidden behind each constellation. 

  • Kit includes a A2 sized poster (15.75" x 23.62"), a white opaque marker, a sheet of glow-in-the-dark stickers and an illustrated instructional booklet 

  • 15.75" x 7.87" x 1.97"

  • Ages 6+

  • Made in France

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