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Little Gestalten

Let's Play Indoors: Fun Crafts for Children

Let's Play Indoors: Fun Crafts for Children

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For children, the world is their playground! But sometimes the world is encased by four walls, so it’s time to get creative. Let’s Play Indoors! offers imaginative and resourceful ways to keep kids amused and inspired with games, crafts, and home-styled costumes inside the house. This book encourages children to take the lead in deciding how to spend their time and is a perfect companion for rainy days or periods spent offline. With simple instructions on how to make paper masks and costumes as well as tips on how to wow friends and family with a shadow puppet performance, Let’s Play Indoors! ensures that time spent inside is never wasted.

Suggested Age: 5-9 years

Author: Ryan Eyers

Publisher: Little Gestalten

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