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Liilu Organics

Liilu Organics Camila Dress in Check

Liilu Organics Camila Dress in Check

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The Camila dress comes in a midi-long cut without sleeves. It has a straight cut top with a collar around the neckline which is hold together with stitched herringbone tapes to close on the back. The bottom is gathered along the waist for more width and shows rickrack ribbon details along the hem.

* The herringbone tapes are stitched together to ensure the safety rules. You can open them with a little scissors carefully before using the article.

Material & care: 100% organic cotton. Machine wash at 30 °C. Cotton peeling happens and is not a quality defect. Each piece has gone through a special washing with our unique Liilu scent. Allergic friendly.

Detail & fit: comfortable fit.

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