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Rocks Blocks

Rocks Blocks Set of 8 in Natural

Rocks Blocks Set of 8 in Natural

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Natural wood blocks are a customer classic and all-time favorite. There is a sense of connection when playing and constructing with raw wood. The texture and warmth of the tree is felt through your fingers. Each block is handcrafted from a tree with a story of growth and decades of life.


-Raw and natural wood

-Montessori build + balance blocks

-Handcrafted in USA

-Sparks imagination and creativity

-Perfect challenge for kids


Recommended Age: 2+

Their “Natural” 8 set consists of two different wood species: Alder + Birch. These species are two of the most sustainable and accessible woods the US has to offer. Wood is a timeless material, and gives kids much needed sensory and unplugged play.

Raw balance blocks are the perfect Montessori toy for kids who will learn to build and balance towers, arches, mountains, shapes, letters, and more.

Packaging: 7x7x2" Kraft literature box, sealed with branded tape. Blocks are packaged with kraft crinkle paper.

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