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Sarah's Silks

Sarah's Silks Rainbow Mermaid Tail -Large

Sarah's Silks Rainbow Mermaid Tail -Large

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Mermaids are one of our favorite mythical powerful female images. Goddesses of the sea, friends of the dolphins, sea turtles, and coral dwellers. Wrap a beautiful top with our Playsilks to accessorize!

Mermen are equally powerful swimmers often depicted swimming with turtles whales and dolphins. Use our Playsilks as a head wrap or neck scarf to accessorize!

Hand-painted in our bestselling Rainbow colorway, our silk Mermaid Tail is beautiful and silky soft.

  • A full-length tail, measuring 30" in length
  • Sewn from Jacquard silk
  • Fits most 5- 7 year olds. Elastic waistband ensures a comfortable, snug fit (20" - 27.5")

Pair with our Sarah Silks' Rainbow Soft Sword , Silk Large Streamer or Silk Mini Streamer

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