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Taylored Toys

Taylored Toys Mini Sensory Kit - Dinosaur

Taylored Toys Mini Sensory Kit - Dinosaur

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Let your kids get lost in the world of sensory play with Taylored Toys' mini sensory kits. Combine with Taylored Toys Montessori Sensory Bin Tool Kit for the full sensory experience!

 This mini sensory kit includes:

- 3.5 cups dried bean and pea sensory filler 
- Safari ltd. Good luck mini dino figurines
- Felted wool volcano
- Rocks 
- Comes in a 3.5'"x 6.5” clear cylinder container with screwed on lid 
(*Brand recently changed packaging, no longer in sealed bags)

Aimed at sparking the imagination through open-ended play, these kits are perfect for on-the-go sensory play! Sensory play is an amazing way to support a child’s development. It encourages tactile play and exploration, allows them to feel textures and shapes, and helps to develop skills such as pouring, scooping, fine motor, creativity, and self-regulation.

Can be combined with play dough, or as imaginative loose parts for a variety of play. Makes a unique gift idea!

**CAUTION: Items can be a choking hazard and are not intended for kids under the age of 3 or those that may put things in their mouth.

Made in the USA

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