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Sarah's Silks

Sarah's Silks Rainbow Headband Garland

Sarah's Silks Rainbow Headband Garland

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Sarah's Silks garlands are finished with a satin rose and four flowing ribbons, Garlands can be worn simply on the head or waist, or in combination with playsilks to create skirts, pants, headdresses, and more.

  • Dress-up Play is the work of the child, and children benefit cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally through this work.
  • Open-ended play with dress-up costumes allows children to express their imagination and support their independence.
  • Dramatic Play gives the child’s imagination free reign. Who, where, or what they can become is limitless, which allows our costume pieces to grow with the unique creative needs of each child and provides them with many years of lasting play value.

The Rainbow Silk Garland features a stretchy elastic band (18 - 28-inch diameter), wrapped in 100% silk, hand-painted, and silkscreened in our Enchanted Rainbow colorway. Fits comfortably on even the most sensitive little ones. 

Pair with Sarah's Silks Rainbow Mermaid Tail and Sarah's Silks Rainbow Soft Sword

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